Due to COVD-19 we are isolated in our houses, but that does not mean that we do not have to recycle

Before you start recycling, think that:

1.- Recycling should always make life easier for us, so do not start accumulating empty containers or various materials without having given them a specific and immediate utility in time. This will only fill the house with things that you may never reuse.

2.- From the containers and other disposable objects, decide which ones will be used to order what you need (cutlery, small tools for domestic arrangements, buttons, keys, papers ...) this will help you to better select and recreate what you will transform them into.

3.- Recycling is an activity that can provide you with those moments of calm and well-being that you want to dedicate to yourself. Think about how late or what weekend you will allocate to do these recycling jobs and live them recreating yourself in the here and now

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That can be recycled

the plastic
paper and paperboard
organic waste

Young Woman with Mask

How to recycle being locked up in your house for a month

Naiara López Sevilla


What to recycle being in your house without leaving

Don't hang out in the shower

use plastic bottles more times

the trash don't mix it

not always be with the phone, the TV or the computer because that uses light

Because we all are the planet

recycling is not easy but we have to get used to it for ourselves and for the planet


The end

Even if we are locked up recycle

I am recycling as much as I can these weeks